Ever since 2020 and the world-wide COVID-19 lockdown-regulations, it has become increasingly more difficult for the church and society to differentiate where the authority of the Church and the State begins and ends. The undersigned realise from overwhelming worldwide evidence that the Coronavirus pandemic is a reality. The pandemic and the world’s reaction to the pandemic have had, and continues to have, far reaching consequences e.g., loss of lives, income, jobs, etc. It is not our intention to be provocative, unsympathetic or be “know-it-alls” – not in the least; the effects of the virus are something we also feel for ourselves and in our communities. With this statement we want to be a prophetic voice (Prov. 29:18) heralded from the church so that the Kingship of Christ can shine unequivocally. He is the eternal King and demands obedience from His subjects – with regards to the gatherings of the church as well.